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If you have need of legal representation or advice, you are going to want to employ the services of a professional solicitor, even if it just for a consultation to figure out whether you actually need representation or not.

We offer legal help and advice on:

Conveyancing - Let us help and guide you painlessly through the whole process

Divorce - protecting your assets, protecting access to the children

Debt recovery - keeping your cashflow working whilst efficiently collecting debts.

Will drafting - ensuring that your last will and testament are fulfilled. However simple your affairs, and however little you think you have, getting your assets and possessions to the right place after you've gone may be much more complicated if there isn't a proper will. Making a will need not be complicated and may cost much less than you think.

We also deal with the administration of estates after death. This involves getting valuations of assets and Grant of Probate, then dealing with any tax liability and distributing the assets according to the will and/or the law as required.

Other services include Enduring Powers of Attorney and Court of protection orders, these allow relatives or others to handle the affairs of elderly or infirm people who are unable to manage things for themselves.

You might want their input and advice in making a personal injury claim, you might want to know how to go about changing your name legally, you might need someone to oversee a property transaction, or you might be facing some kind of legal case in which legal representation is an absolute necessity. Whatever the case, you will want to find the best possibly solicitor available.

If you think you need to make a claim for damages or compensation, or that a claim may be made against you, you need to talk to us.

Whether it be such matters as neighbor and boundary disputes, trespass, harassment, insurance claims, claims against banks or other institutions for losses or negligence, contract disputes, professional negligence, building disputes or any other sort of claim, we can he

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